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    An agro forestry non governmental organisation established to implement massive tree planting & environmental
    conservation projects. We specialize in providing forestry services to all private Company and Individual
    Forest owners and those Companies/Persons
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    We will provide with all the neccessary planting materials needed planting & harvesting,
    Apples to providing improved, hybrid & Indigenous seedlings .
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    The pineapple is a tropical and sub tropical fruit grown in many African countries.
    The fruit is trade-able and generates a lot of income for farmers who grow it
    Common Pineapple cultivars grown in Uganda.
    Smooth cayenne
    The Red Spanish


金博宝188怎么提现绿化乌干达是一家致力于改善乌干达商业森林酒店的农业综合企业和林业咨询公司through Reclamation, Silviculture and maintenance services.We are professional foresters, planters, biologists, enviromentalists, conservationists, and economists passionate about helping our industry, government, Private Sector, Individual, Ngo’s and community clients revegetate disturbed areas, and be stewards of Uganda’s natural heritage.

Greening Uganda, is a member of 3G Forestry Consortium that is Greening Uganda, Greening Forestry Services & Green Connect. Greening Uganda was established in 2011 with a mandate to promote commercial tree planting in Uganda.

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Greening Uganda/Greening Forestry Services, we do everything from site assessment, site preparation, planting to harvesting to timber sales to reforestation.

Planting Materials

Greening Uganda provides all planting materials (SEEDLINGS), Improved, Hybrid, Indigenous to help you in farming

Management of Forests

我们也提供服务的机构nd Management of Forests. This helps to increase incomes.

Forestry Investments


Planting & Afforestation


Thinning & Forest Roads



We naturally restock existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted through deforestation.

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As a one-stop service provider, we strive hard to offer cheap and quality products for you. Our years of experience in the industry has helped us in delivering true value products and services to all businesses and companies, in and out of Uganda
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    Greening Uganda offers its services at a very reasonable price. We propose prices that are easily personalized for our customers.

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    Greening Uganda offers free consultations for any questions related to our services. Call us or Email us, we will answer your questions / consultations.

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    Greening Uganda garantees all the works they do. Once work is put on our table, we promise that we will deliver quality and on time.

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    We value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness. That is our promise. We hope to have you as a customer soon.

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    We are an awards winning company in and out of Uganda. We have been trusted so much by small and big organisation, this has won us many awards.

Coffe Growing

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Coffee Transformation

Do you want to know how coffee is transforming Uganda and the rest of Africa?

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